I am a rape survivor.

I have reclaimed a body someone tried to steal from me

but you call me


I am a cult survivor.

I was forged in the fires of hell

I have cast off shackles put on me at birth

and risen a new person

but you see me as


I am a domestic abuse survivor

a spousal rape survivor

an alcoholic’s wife survivor

and I left that man within three months of saying “I do”

but it wasn’t soon enough for you.

You say that I am irrevocably


I am a homeless survivor

and living indoors now

though it isn’t always easy and I never feel safe.

You probably think this is because

I am


I cared for my son with little help and much heartache

kept him fed and clothed and in school

but to you I was nothing more than an unwed mother on assistance

To you I am nothing more than


My triumphs

my strengths

my battle scars and stretch marks

To you they look like


4 thoughts on “Damaged

  1. Angie,

    I found this very moving. You’re a natural writer. You really should get published if you can. Maybe write your autobiography (I know that sounds awful for someone as young as you to do, but you have had very interesting and eventful life!). Seriously though, you should consider it.

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