Coming Out

Over the past few months, I’ve come to recognize that I’m not bisexual as I had previously thought, but a lesbian. I made the decision to come out on my Facebook profile on Friday, and over the weekend I’ve observed good and bad responses. So here are my tips.


    say congratulations, welcome to the family, or other positive greetings.
    assure people that you love and care about them.
    offer to listen if they need someone to talk to.


    say you don’t care. Coming out is a big deal to the person doing it. If you don’t care, shut up.
    make a joke about being a “male lesbian”. Men who like women have the whole world supporting that. Women who like women face challenges men don’t.
    talk about your personal sexual desires, fetishes, or how much you love “lesbian” porn

    Most people have been great. All the people who have been Not Great have been straight men. I won’t miss you at all, fellas!

2 thoughts on “Coming Out

  1. I admit I’m surprised, but I think it’s wonderful. I hope this realization brings you to a happier life, more at peace with yourself and with more love from and for humankind.

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