Femme Feminism, or How Makeup Saved Me

About a year ago, when I was in a pit of deep dark scary depression, I read a post by Greta Christina where she talked about the need for self-care and how for her that meant going https://wordpress.com/postto the gym and reading about fashion. I was a bit surprised, because I had thought of Greta as a “serious” person and I didn’t think of fashion as a “serious” interest.

I started to notice thttps://wordpress.com/posthat other women I greatly respect like Greta had similar interests in “feminine” pursuits like fashion, jewelry, and makeup.  Women like Miri, Beth, and Heina. Watching them embrace femininity helped me to question a lot of internalized misogyny I was carrying around, that was holding me back in major ways.

Since I started wearing makeup and taking an interest in feminine presentation, I’ve become more confident, happier, and more centered. But much much more than that, I’ve learned

hat feminism and femininity can live in harmony within myself. I’ve had the opportunity to analyze and reject femmephobic ideas that fashion and makeup are shallow interests for petty people, and that women who perform femininity do so for men.

In fact, all this conscious makeup artistry made me realize I am wearing it for myself, but if there’s anyone I would like to attract, it’s women. Wearing makeup helped me process my internalized misogyny enough to come out as lesbian a few months ago.

Makeup is magic.

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