Even though I’m an atheist, I love all things Easter egg. When I was a child we’d dye our dozen eggs each the night before and my grandma would skip church to hide them all. Our family decorating trick was using white crayons to mark our eggs with our initials before putting them in the vinegar dyes, so we could know when we’d found the right ones.

Here are some other nifty egg decorating tips from around the internet.

Any color will do. Write or draw before dying your eggs. The crayon wax will create a barrier protecting the eggshell from picking up dye.

Permanent markers like Sharpie dry quickly and don’t permeate egg shells. Create elegant black and white eggs, dye the eggs before drawing, or use colored markers to draw Spring flowers.


Stickers/Temporary Tattoos
Either add these to dyed eggs or skip the dying entirely for a fast and less messy approach.

Silk Dye
There are multiple tutorials on turning old silk into amazing patterned eggs. Here’s a picture version.

Eggshell Carving
This one is the opposite of simple but I do love marveling at the results.

Victorian Lace Egg Carving Video from the Feathered Nest, Bishop Hill, IL:

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