A Lovely Chat with JWs

This morning my son and I had our first visitors at our new apartment. A pair of Jehovah’s Witness ladies came with pamphlets. Kid was excited to have company and didn’t care *what* they were selling.

The women asked me what I thought of the Bible, whether I considered it a book of wisdom, the word of god, or a set of legends and myths. “I’m an atheist,” I answered. This clearly wasn’t what they expected. “Oh how interesting! Have you always been one?” So I talked to them briefly about growing up Christian and simply no longer believing in adulthood. Then they wanted to know if I believed in a creator or evolution.

At that point my son piped up “Evolution made all this! After a comet crashed into the Earth. Oh and I never believed in god.” The ladies finished up and everyone left the encounter wishing each other a great day.

While I certainly am not a believer, and consider Jehovah’s Witness to be a fringe cult religion, I do want to teach my son to be kind to evangelists and door-knockers. Most of them don’t have many friends outside of their insular religion and kindness means a lot but costs little.

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