US Pregnancy Statistics

Half of all pregnancies in the US are unplanned.  Of those, half are aborted and half are carried to term. Of the women choosing abortion, seven in ten are poor or impoverished. 

Over ninety percent of US women will use birth control in their lives, but many will struggle to have continuous access.

Mothers in the US are not entitled to maternity leave, may be fired for pregnancy,  and have worse maternal and infant health outcomes following birth than in any other developed country. These outcomes break down across race so that a black mother giving birth in the US is three to four times more likely to die from the ordeal than a white mother.

Mothers in the US are not entitled to quality healthcare during their pregnancies. If they are uninsured and don’t qualify for Medicaid or similar programs,  the medical bills associated with labor and delivery can destroy credit and savings potential for years.

Motherhood should always be a choice, but especially so when it comes with so many socially imposed burdens and obstacles. Being a mother in the US is a difficult lifelong commitment with the potential to impoverish. It should never be forced or required.

Source: Guttmacher Institute,  NARAL Pro Choice, American Pregnancy Association, American College of Gynecologists

2 thoughts on “US Pregnancy Statistics

  1. Over a third of Black pregnancies are aborted. White racists like David Duke are glad about this.

    Don’t kid yourself. Minorities have fallen for the line that abortion is best in cases of hardship.

    We have been played.

    • A quarter of all pregnancies are aborted and half of unplanned ones, so black women fall well within statistical norms. All women and uterus-bearers should have the freedom to bead children in their own time or not.

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