Beauty Post: Tools of the Trade

Today I wanna focus on brushes and how they are used.


This is a foundation brush. It’s used for applying liquid makeup in a smooth even layer. You can use it for foundation, BB cream, and face primer. It’s important to wash this brush weekly for hygiene and also to prevent the brush bristles from creating “streaks” on your face. To clean this, use water and a gentle bar soap like Cetaphil. Lay the brush flat to dry.


This is a blush brush. It’s best for applying blush and bronzer. This can be cleaned daily by dusting off extra pigment and weekly using brush cleaner spray.


This is a concealer brush with some green color correcting powder on the tip. It has a very fine point for precision application. You can use this to cover blemishes, to fill in eyebrows, or to line eyes. Clean it daily with a facial tissue and weekly with spray.


This is an angled eyeshadow brush. You can use it to apply eyeshadow or to contour nose and lips. Clean this as you would the concealer brush.


This is a flat eyeliner brush. This is best suited to lining the eyes.


This smudge tool is perfect for softening eyeliner.


This is an angled eyeshadow brush. You can use this for liner, especially to create wings. I also use this brush to fill in my eyebrows.


This is a point brush. This has short, stiff bristles. I use this brush beneath my eyebrows and in the corners of my eyes.


This is a blending brush, sometimes also called a crease brush. This can be used to apply shadow between the brow and crease, or to blend two or more shadows together.


Finally, this is an eyeshadow brush. It has long, flexible bristles. This brush is ideal for eyelids as it can sweep evenly across them. Again, clean it daily by dusting off excess pigment and clean weekly with spray.


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