Misandry Angie – Blog Move

In the new year, I’ll be moving to a new blog Misandry Angie!

moving duct tape

Being Angie the Anti-Theist for the past five and a half years has been incredible. I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people – atheist and feminist and disability activists and more. I’ve had opportunities to help people, and I’ve been shown kindness and generosity I couldn’t have gone without. I’ve moved from Twitter to YouTube to Facebook, from Blogspot to WordPress, and now it’s time to move from Angie the Anti-Theist to Misandry Angie.

I wrote so much about religion in my early days of blogging, when I was fresh out of my grandmother’s cult and needed to nurse my wounds and air my grievances. I wanted to warn the world about my grandmother specifically and cults in general. I needed to say that religion can harm and have it be heard. I have and it was, and now I have different things I need to say.

I always said that having Anti-Theist in my name didn’t mean I was against all religious people, and in the same way, Misandry doesn’t mean I’m against all men. It’s a slightly blasphemous little joke, same as before but with a new target. I’ve taken on god, next up man.

Misandry is feminist humor or a ridiculous whine from men, take your pick. But for me, it is more. Misandry is daring to love myself in a world that says I’m less than human because I’m not a man. Misandry is not wasting time on the same tired bad arguments, like “not all men” when no one was talking about all men. Misandry is the radically choice to prioritize the words, feelings, and voices of women and non-binary people over the words, feelings, and voices of men which have audience enough in the wider, misogynist world.

For me, misandry is both a lifestyle and a sense of humor. Embracing this jocular, irreverent approach to men in a man’s world has shaped me as much as embracing atheism and rejecting religion has. It wasn’t until I chose misandry, until I decided my feelings got to matter more to me than the feelings of men in my life, that I realized I was gay. It wasn’t until I purposefully made myself more important that I was able to see how much of myself I had squashed and hidden away.

Misandry is a way of knowing myself, a way of relating to the world without losing myself in it. Misandry is a form of intentional “selfishness” as direct defiance to the years of social obedience training I am trying to undo. I have been taught my whole life to see things from a male perspective, to sympathize with male pain, and to cheer male triumph. Misandry is a choice to see things from a female perspective, to sympathize with female pain, and to cheer female triumph. I am filling in the missing parts of my worldview, filling in the half of the story most often left out.

I hope to see you on the new blog in the new year. I will continue writing about my cult upbringing, feminist issues, reproductive justice, disability rights, and autism acceptance. I will also be writing about femme feminism, doing makeup tutorials and beauty posts looking at the history of makeup and feminine styles of dress, with a decidedly queer lens. I’ll hopefully be blogging about new adventures in lesbian dating and better things in the misandrous years to come. See you there!

6 thoughts on “Misandry Angie – Blog Move

  1. I’ll keep following you. Ok, maybe it’s a bit arrogant of me to think I’m never the target of your misandry (if you’re happy for me to call it that), but so far I’ve been able to read your misandric posts and not hate you for them. Ok, sometimes I have to look at myself and say “Yes, in some ways I’m a typical man” and I know that some feminists would say the same. They might not necessarily think I was any different. In my participation at Feminist Frequency’s Facebook page I try to be as honest as I can and at present I think I’d still be regarded as a friend to FemFreq though I’ve sometimes been plain about my disagreement. But I do believe that there are feminists who would prefer honesty to dishonest ass-kissing from men.

  2. I love your posts. You are so cogent and clear, yet you show a sense of humor and sense of sensitivity to subtleties that most people do not see and/or care to see. I am so glad that I finally got to your blogs after seeing you on some social networks. Are all of your blogs clearly linked to each other? I’d like to see a trail of petals leading to the next pleasant surprise.

    Knowing how you treat some males in your life on some social networks makes it clear that you do not hate men/boys; in fact, you are guiding some to a place in their lives where they will suffer much less than if they were without your guidance. Those that want to project their hatred onto your intentions and feelings are doing little harm to you, but digging their own tunnel to the grave much faster and more filled with unnecessary suffering on the way to where we all have to go in the end. [Please excuse my awkward phrasing and poor grammar; I often do not know the alternative to how I’ve put it and I would take days to put my mind in the place it needs to be to make them better.]

    • My first blog was AngietheAntiTheist.blogspot.com then I moved to WordPress at AngieAntiTheist.Wordpress.com and now I’m here at MisandryAngie.Wordpress.com

      I also did YouTube videos in 2009/2010 at YouTube.com/AngieAntiTheist

  3. Exchange every time you use “Misandry” with “Misogyny” and “male” with “female” and see whether or not this sounds a little funny. I really don’t care whether or not you’re a misandrist or not but don’t complain about someone else being a misogynist if you’re honestly going to hold that view.
    It’s a little hard to actually have equality when we want to shit on everyone we don’t agree with but can’t take it ourselves when we actually have to realize that our actions have repurcussions and that it’s not everyone else’s job to fix our own problems. People are dealt worse hands than others all the time and all over the world, we used to actually accomplish something by overcoming it ourselves, and that was when there was ACTUAL racism and sexism in a sizable chunk of America.
    If you really want to make a change for oppressed women in the world, go to the Middle East and do something for enslaved women under Shariah Law.

    • You mean if I flipped this role reversal back to the reality of male brutality against women it would no longer be a joke? I agree. Now go away forever because you are not my intended audience and I will never seek to please you. All future comments from you on any post will be deleted without being read. You lose.

    • I’m inclined to ignore anyone who responds to complaints about about sexism with “What about the Middle East?”. Middle Eastern sexism has been great for western sexists, who can always say “At least I’m not as bad as them”.

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