This Story Sounds Mean…

…because it is. Alyssa Bereznek, presumably now unemployed blogger, is a bitch and I feel a strange compulsion to tell you all about it, and to use her full name and career path in the process of saying mean things about her on the internet. You see, Alyssa Bereznek went on a date with a guy from OKCupid, and decided that making fun of this guy – with extremely identifiable information like his full name and profession – was a great way to get herself some blog hits. The piece originally appeared on Gizmodo and Jezebel. (I have no idea why the fuck Jezebel printed trash like this, and from the comments beneath the Jezebel article from someone at Gizmodo, it appears Alyssa Bereznek’s Gizmodo bosses have fired her over this.)

Poor Alyssa Bereznek. She went on OKCupid and got set up with a guy who’s the world champion of Magic:The Gathering. But Alyssa Bereznek thinks card games are dorky and doesn’t know how to play them herself. Rather than learn about his interest, decide it’s okay to like someone with different interests, or just decide to move on and try dating someone else, Alyssa Bereznek decided to write a public blog post calling this guy out for being a nerd, and having interests she lacks. It’s bitchy, rude, incredibly unprofessional journalism, and the only person who ends up looking like a terrible date in the end is Alyssa Bereznek. (Yes, I am using her full name as many times as possible so that next time a guy Googles HER name before a date, he’ll learn about her blogging habits and run the fuck away.)

What’s particualrly baffling about the bizarre social faux pas of Alyssa Bereznek is that she wrote this screed for a tech site. You read that right. Alyssa Bereznek wrote a blog post making fun of guys for being nerds, and one guy in particular for having figured out a way to turn his geek hobby into a high-paying profession, for a website with a largely tech/geek/nerd guy audience. I also find it baffling this piece appeared on Jezebel, a site with feminist claims that isn’t usually such a dump heap as this article.

My personal favorite comment appears beneath the Jezebel story and refers to Miss Alyssa Bereznek as “too dumb to be a gold digger.” In her haste to make fun of this guy for being a World Champion at Magic: The Gathering, she stopped Googling her date too early to find out he won $3.5 million dollars in the World Poker Championship recently, as well. I don’t think he’ll have a hard time find a nice nerd girl to spend his money with him, but I’m very happy for him it won’t be the shallow, judgmental harpy Alyssa Bereznek.

(I bet that didn’t feel too good for Alyssa to read. Maybe she’ll learn from this experience not to be such a giant cunt.)