Abortion as “Big Business” & Why It’s a Crock of Shit

Today in an online debate forum someone attempted to argue that abortion is “big business” by stating that it cost $460 in her area for a “simple abortion pill.” Having taken the abortion pill, I figured I should chime in. Here’s what I had to say.

Let’s talk for a moment about that “simple” abortion pill Terri. I have had a medical abortion so I probably know better than you what a typical Planned Parenthood appointment for an early abortion is like.

The $500 I spent on my visit included blood work (to make sure the blastocyst had the same blood type and wouldn’t kill me during expulsion), a vaginal ultrasound (to accurately date the pregnancy and ensure I was early enough the pill was the right medical treatment for me), pre-abortion counseling (to apprise me of all my options and make sure I had all the facts available), consultation time with an OBGYN who instructed me on how to take the pills and supervised me as I took the first one, a packet of Plan B to take home so I won’t have to do that again hopefully, anti-nausea medication, pain medication, and oh yes, the “simple pill” (or really two sets of pills, one to stop cell division in the blastocyst and the other to expel it from my body.) My appointment all together took about 3 hours.

But wait – there’s more! When the pills weren’t working for me and nothing was coming out, I went back to Planned Parenthood and had another hour long appointment, including nurses checking on my vitals, speaking with a doctor, and getting a new set of pills to take home. All of this was included in my original $500.

Name me anywhere else in the United States I can get that much quality medical care for a measly $500.