Life Interruption

Sometimes life gets in the way. I’ve spent the past two months mostly homeless and looking for a new place, after realizing my ex-boyfriend wasn’t safe to stay around. My son and I are safe and in the new place now but completely broke and rather busy, trying to rebuild our lives.

First let me apologize for the sudden cessation of 30 Days of Autism posts. I will be resuming those and back-dating them to fill in the missing days of April in the upcoming weeks. Second, let me thank any and everyone who has helped by contributing to my GoFundMe campaign or making a direct contribution by PayPal or Google Wallet to my account.

I’m currently facing a 30 day Facebook ban for a post stating “Men are generally terrible” (really) so if you can promote my writing and fundraisers over there for me, I’d be greatly appreciative.

Regular posting should resume either later today or tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me!

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