Do’s and Don’t’s of Misandry

“Misandry” as an institution of matriarchy oppressing men doesn’t exist in the United States.  “Misandry” as a way of poking fun at male supremacists does. And to me misandry means choosing to love myself in a world that hates me for being a woman.

* DO have good friends to misander with.
* DON’T invite men or chill girls.

* DO watch movies and TV shows with large female casts.
* DON’T forget the snacks.

* DO dance and sing to misandrous music like “Goodbye Earl” and “U + It Hand.”
* DON’T worry if you can’t dance or sing.

* DO learn how to put yourself first.
* DON’T do this by bringing other women down.

* DO love yourself and other women, as an act of defiance.
* DON’T neglect self-care, whatever that looks like to you.

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