5 Things Girls Who Wear a Lot of Makeup Want You To Know

1. We know it’s a lot.

Chances are good we wore a more natural look for years before adopting this style.

2. We did it like this on purpose.

If I’m wearing primer, foundation, blush, bronzer,  highlight, concealer and more it’s because I intend to create a polished look.

3. We don’t really care what men like.

Okay maybe some of us do but our makeup skills probably developed based on what we like to look like.

4. We will take “You look like a porn star” as a compliment. 

Have you seen the eyeliner wings on porn stars?! Phenomenal skills.

5. We love to talk shop.

Ask us how we got our liner so tight or how to find the right foundation for your skin tone.  Most of the time we’ll be glad to tell you.

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