Gay Marriage and Everything Else

Gay marriage is not the civil rights fight of our generation.  Gay marriage is neither the totality of queer rights nor marriage equality concerns. Should it be legal?  Of course. But this battle is not the war. 

If we have marriage rights but trans women of color are still murdered, we won’t be done.  If we have marriage right, but homelessness is endemic among queer youth, we won’t be done.  If we have marriage rights  but no employee discrimination protection for trans workers, we won’t be done.  When we have marriage rights but not amnesty for persecuted LGBT foreigners,  we won’t be done. 

And when we have same-sex marriage,  don’t mistake that for marriage equality.  Two disabled adults on disability risk having their benefits cut to below survival levels if they marry. And disabled adults with adult guardianship can be denied the right to marry entirely. 

We are not done. Same-sex marriage is a good thing to have happen but it’s not the end all and we are not done yet.

1 thought on “Gay Marriage and Everything Else

  1. Not to mention the fact, of course, that even in states where there are discrimination protections, discrimination can still happen. I was denied the ability to use the restroom at a call centre job I had and even terminated from a job I genuinely loved.

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