If I Had Enough Money

cash money

I wouldn’t spend most of my time stressing about not having enough money.

I would have a car.

I could always afford food.

I could make and get to doctors appointments.

I could actually get treatment for my multiple disabilities.

I wouldn’t have had to go off my meds because getting to a psychiatrist is an impossibility.

I would buy a new LEGO set every week to play with my child.

I would have enough furniture. I don’t have a couch or end tables or chairs. I have beds.

I would probably be stoned a lot because it’s Colorado and I have to under medicate because it’s expensive.

I would give money to friends so they wouldn’t have to freak out either.

I’d have new clothes that actually fit, from under clothes to coats.

I would have more than two pair of shoes. So would my child.

I would live in a safe neighborhood with good schools without having to sacrifice everything else to barely afford it.

I would have a gym membership.

I would have a babysitter.

My child would have his own cell phone.

I could afford to make friends and date and pay my own way instead of feeling like a burden.

I could have a life.

But I’m poor so that’s nothing but a dream.

1 thought on “If I Had Enough Money

  1. “I could have a life”

    There are many things on that list I don’t have, but I don’t think that means I don’t have a life. I want to have more, but honestly my life feels quite full despite what I don’t have. I have friends that I can talk to. I can’t give them much that I have to pay for with money, but I can give them my time and energy. Even when I’m not accompanied by friends, I have my laptop, the internet and free wi-fi. I have bloggers and vloggers like yourself to follow and respond to. I have chat-rooms. Even when I don’t have access to the internet, I have my mind. My memories and thoughts and intelligence. I have my music, which is like my religion. I have the ability to go on long walks and enjoy nature and I play ukulele and sing.

    Our needs are all different of course. There are those who have a lot less than even me and are apparently happy. Learning to go without can take a lot of discipline and I don’t judge on who should go without and when, how and why. But honestly, I think my life is still a life with what I have.

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